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Welsh Language Policy

Polisi Iaith Gymraeg

The nursery operates more through the language of English than Welsh, however the nursery is committed to working towards the Welsh language active offer, through the Welsh promise, for parents and children using the service and does so in the following ways:

  • We strive to employ Welsh speaking staff as well as English to give parents and children the opportunity to converse in their chosen language.
  • The nursery ensures that displays, signs posters etc are bilingual.
  • The nursery strives to include Welsh celebrations and focuses within its planning and activities.
  • Daily routines, stories, song times, circle times and activities include incidental Welsh to encourage children to both become familiar with and use Welsh as well as English.
  • Welsh songs and nursery rhymes are played in the nursery environment.
  • Staff who are not confident in Welsh are encouraged to learn Welsh to a basic level to enable them to facilitate the development of the Welsh language with the children attending the setting.

Noah’s Ark fun club operates mainly through the medium of English due to the children’s choice, children attend the club who are in both English and Welsh streams in school but choose to converse through English when attending club.

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